We have developed some technologies internally to accelerate software creation


Following, a list of the techs we published for free use


RealXaml is a live viewer and hot reloader for Xamarin Forms. Edit your xaml and see your changes in realtime (live reload). It allows also to compile and deploy your app core assembly in real time (hot reload).

It speeds up the development of Xamarin.Forms applications letting you to edit .xaml files and see changes in real time. It also allow you to deploy the core assembly of your app to see instant changes without a full compile in all devices and simulator.

AppKit & AppKit.UI

App accelerator pack to bring common core functionality easy with Xamarin.

AppKit is a cross-platform PCL library built over Xamarin and its purpose is to make developer life easier. Under the hood it does nothing special, it consumes standard Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Android libraries, plus it uses some common and famous external libraries (via Nuget) like: SQLite (portable), Restharp (portable). The fun part is that it abstracts for you common specific tasks like: writing to the database, call REST services, receiving push notifications, send emails, execute async tasks, syncronize tasks to the main thread and much more. In short, it simply adds an abstraction layer which allows you to write code once for all this stuff (usually in a PCL library which represents your business core of your app).

AppKit.UI extends some basic UI concepts of the iOS UI API and the Anroid UI API. It facilitates for you UI specific tasks like: passing data between controllers and fragments, lists binding, lists events handling, gesture handling, and much more. In short, it simply adds some compensation between the differences of the iOS platform and the Android platform. It joins the "best" of the two platforms to bring a common way to design and code UI logic in your app.