We analyze the requests, propose any optimizations, and develop the applications according to the needs and choices of the customer


We have always been attentive to the latest technologies. We perform test sessions internally or externally to evaluate the absence of software problems.


We offer advice regarding the use/integration of modern software tools, custom and non. Following the delivery, we support the customer proactively.


Solutions For Mobile Systems

Our core business is the development of apps for smartphones and tablets, for any need, of any kind. We work with Xamarin native crossplatform technology, thus guaranteeing high performance and reduced costs.

Other advantages are the possibility of re-using existing code (ex: libraries produced internally in a company) and the concentration of know-how. In particular, we have high skills in IoT & Industry 4.0, where the main purpose is the interfacing with machines/devices and the exchange of data with cloud systems.

We produce responsive app and sophisticated layouts, always subjected to a study. Our apps integrate any available technology, and we are willing to research and satisfy every need. In fact, to date, we have never found ourselves in the situation of not knowing how to implement a requested feature.


Web Browser Solutions

We develop web applications and web portals tailored to the needs that a customer perceives as indispensable to the business, starting from the most modern templates, which we usually host in the cloud.

Thanks to the experience and passion of our team, we are able to develop cutting-edge web apps with the latest technologies, focusing the development in the ASP .NET framework, able to respond to different needs.

The web app can be an instrument in itself, that companies normally use for internal tasks, or as the entry point for services like social or e-commerce. Web apps are accessible from any online/connected client (either desktop or mobile device), and it might be part of a more complex platform made up of multiple tools.



Windows Based Solutions

Especially in the industrial environment, where the software needs a reduced distribution, but especially where high performance and special features are often required, applications for Windows systems remain fundamental.

As with the previous cases, the Windows application could represent only one of the ramifications of a complex platform. In our case, the code can reach a very high sharing degree, as Xamarin allows us to reuse most of the code/libraries written in C++ and C#, and Java also.

We are experts in desktop software for many years, and we adopt Forms and WPF technology.

We have implemented software based on the following technologies

For years we have been working on developing complete platforms for different business needs, especially in the industrial field, made up of multiple client systems (mobile & web & desktop apps), and multiple services on cloud servers. These components work in synergy to offer a product that can be used by different types of users and to satisfy multiple needs.


A platform composed of mobile and web apps allows anyone in the world to interact instantly with the data and functions of a company system.


There is no limit to the kind and nature of the systems that can be connected to the platform and, through user profiling, any person can access the system by having access to specific areas/functions.


A big advantage is represented by the possibility of collecting large amounts of data from products/machines, later processed to obtain important information that optimizes the business.

Sectors find limits only in the imagination, ranging from marketing, to production/project management, HR/HRM, IoT & Industry 4.0 (app for interfacing with machines and data exchange in the cloud), e-commerce, social, e-learning & videogame, intranet systems, CRM, custom software, etc ...

We successfully used the following wireless technologies